Since 1948,
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The Group and the Founder

Veroniki Holding was established in 2010 by Dr. Veronica Daniela Gusa de Dragan as the sole coordinating organization of the Dragan Group, which has been operating since 1948, when Professor Iosif Constantin Dragan founded the Butangas company. Prof. Dragan, born in Lugoj (Romania), after graduating in Law at Bucharest University, moved to Italy in 1940 thanks to a scholarship granted by the Italian Institute of Culture in Bucharest.

He graduated for the second time in Political Science and Economics in Rome. At that time, he sensed the great potential of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), a product almost unknown after WWII, and decided to found ButanGas Spa in Italy. In the following years, Prof Dragan developed his activity in Europe.

Veroniki Holding was conceived to carry out strategical and control duties as well as technical, administrative and financial coordination for the subsidiaries in Italy and abroad. Nowadays, the Group operates in Italy, Greece, Romania, Germany, Poland, Austria, Serbia, Spain and France.

The Management

Veroniki Holding has centralized in a single, agile and competent structure the functions of guidance and strategic development, direction and coordination and internal control, in order to promote the synergy between the different components of the holding itself, in the context of a clear and consistent vision, of shared goals and common rules.

The Veroniki Holding team is lead by President Dr. Daniela Veronica Gusa de Dragan.

The Management is composed of:

General Manager: Ing. Christos Christofides
LPG Market Development and Internal Control: Dr. Paolo Pellegrini
Chief Financial Officer: Dr. Riccardo Gerosa
Legal Manager: Dr. Alberto Gallazzi

Loyalty, trust, transparency,
honesty and team spirit.



The mission of Veroniki Holding is to create value with integrity for the benefit of its customers, employees and shareholders.

Veroniki Holding aims to become more efficient, solid and more environmentally sensitive in the sectors of LPG, Renewable Sources, Real Estate and Health. Veroniki Holding wants to expand in other areas and diversify its business by applying the same philosophy.


Veroniki Holding wants to improve the chain of values conveyed by the Founder, such as loyalty, faith, transparency, fairness, courage and team spirit, combining them with operational excellence and corporate responsibility.

We grow value from our values.
In every field we commit to.



Veroniki Holding is the head of a multinational group employing about 1,500 people in 9 European countries (Italy, Greece, Romania, Germany, Poland, Austria, Serbia, Spain and France) and operating with 36 entities in different sectors:

  • the LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) market, which is the core business of the Group;
  • the renewable energy sector;
  • the naval sector;
  • the Real Estate activities;
  • the medical sector;
  • the food packaging sector;
  • the Social Responsibility activities.

Over the past 10 years, Veroniki Holding Group has performed investments amounting to about 500 million of Euros.

LPG (Core Business)

The core business of the Group is the distribution of LPG throughout Europe, with professional and efficient service.

LPG is recognized as the cleanest conventional fuel available to consumers.
Veroniki Holding believes that in the near future LPG will maintain its importance in the energy market.

Veroniki Holding Group operates in the LPG market in Italy, in Greece, in Germany, in Austria, in Romania, in Poland and in Serbia

The Renewable energy sector

Veroniki Holding has invested significant financial resources in the market of renewable energy. This effort has resulted in the creation of a wind farm of 25 MW in Romania, near the city of Constanta, in the Black Sea zone. The wind farm is managed by the subsidiary Romconstruct top.

In Italy, through its subsidiary Butan Gas Spa, the holding operates a photovoltaic park adjacent to its LPG filling station of Catania. The filling station itself is energetically independent thanks to this installation.

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The naval sector

In Greece and Italy, Veroniki Holding operates in the naval sector through its affiliates, both in the field of LPG shipping (by proprietary gas tankers) and in the field of yachts chartering.

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The Real Estate sector

Veroniki Holding, through its subsidiaries, manages significant real estate assets, consisting of 100% owned properties and land located in five European countries: Italy, Spain, Romania, Greece and France. The Holding rents offices and apartments for residential purposes. The properties are situated in prestigious and central areas of the cities; this contributes to maintain – and even enhance – their value over the years.

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The Medical sector

Veroniki Holding operates in this important sector through the associate “Veroniki Life International“, which runs a specialized medical clinic in Bucharest, Romania.

The food packaging sector

In Romania Veroniki Holding operates in the production of food packaging in r-PET via its subsidiary Veroniki Ecogrup.
Veroniki Ecogrup has a modern factory in Contesti, about 20 km from Bucharest, which extends over an area of 5,200 square meters. The new plant has the latest technologies, it is certified by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and meets all quality and safety standards of food.

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The importance of sowing culture
to harvest a better tomorrow.


Veroniki Holding operates on the basis of the ethical values that are part of its Vision. Thus, the Holding pairs its business activity with actions of Social Responsibility, in which its stakeholders are actively involved.

Through cultural entities (foundations and universities), the holding supports virtuous projects that contribute to spread culture, education and all of those principles on which Veroniki Holding based its philosophy. / / /

Where we are

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